Gotcha! AR

[AR] [Multi-player] [PvP] [Handphone Game] [Android]


Lam7's very own first game! 
Meeting your friends for a meal and then everyone just stares at their phone?

Wanting more communication with your friends but doesn't know how to go about doing it?

Let Gotcha! AR be the bridge! Have your meal, play with your phone, while bridge your friendship with your friends!

Gotcha! AR Trailer

Coming soon to Android!
Bored of the silence in gatherings when everyone are playing with their handphones?
Let Gotcha! AR break the ice!

Re-live your childhood memories playing with friends, but this time updated with the latest tech!

About Lam7

Lam7 is formed from two passionate friends who want to make fun games, for the gamers! It is a hobby group who is forking our their own money to fund their own dreams!  


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